Energy Masterclass
Letting go of Guilt
Thursday 19th of August 2021


In this masterclass we will focus on exploring the feeling of guilt and learn how to deal with this type of energy. 


- Become aware of the vibrations of energy

- Get to the essence of your feelings

- Heal the cause of your lower feelings and transform from within

- Experience meditation and energy work

Thursday, August 19, 2021 | 7 PM - 9 PM

Cost: £20

Location: St Stephen's Church Hall, 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ. Entrance on the left side of the building where it says "Pooh Corner Kindergarden".

We will explore the feeling of guilt and find out about its nature and causes.


Many times in life we experience different feelings that may be caused by outer circusmtances that happen to us. Sometimes we hold on to a feeling and carry it with us in life, repeating the same situation again because the feeling is still having an effect on us. When we work with deep meditation and energy, we are able to find the cause for a certain feeling and let it go.


Today we will approach our healing work from the point of view of energy. It is a new profound way of working with a feeling, by using our hands and listening to the vibration of energy. We will be using Energy Creation techniques to tackle the lower-vibrational feelings inside of us. This will be done from the dimension of love, kindness and acceptance. 


You will be assisted during the masterclass to get the most of the experience and increase your intuitive abilities.


The experience will help you to become aware of your energy field, learn to heal yourself and help other people, learn to feel energies and work intuitively with your hands.


The workshop is great both for complete beginners as well as energy healers.


There are amazing benefits of energy session such as:


-   Deep guided meditation to help you find cause for your feeling

-   Release the energy from the body and tune in to higher vibrations

-   Increase intuitive and spiritual awareness

-   Learn to use your hands to create beautiful energy and heal

-   Balance your aura and physical body

For questions and inquiries please email Maria:

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Booking can be made by purchasing a ticket on this website through PayPal. 
You can also drop in and pay cash on the door prior to the event.
Please kindly arrive on time as, once the meditation starts, we won't be able to assist you.

Healing Energy Workshops have been running since 2014 and they provide a loving and encouraging space for people to learn about their energy and healing abilities. You are very welcome to join us, even if you haven't worked with energy before. The purpose of the workshop is to help humanity to awaken to their greater powers and achieve collective healing through love and kindness. 


Colorful Bubbles

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Energy Tuesday, it was a lovely evening and has left me feeling so much more balanced and vitalised, it truly is very special and will definitely attend again when I can, I hope it continues for a long time to come! - Kevin

These are really wonderful workshops.. I enjoy them every time, always feel I have really done something really valuable for myself. Maria you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! – Miten

Maria's group sessions are absolutely excellent. A fantastic unwind after a hard day at work. She is a very insightful tutor who has a great metaphysical understanding and has a very calming and pleasant nature which makes the class even more enjoyable. Highly recommended for those who are already perceptive to energy or just curious to learn more. - James

 It was great, first part of workshop during meditation I felt special, very cosy and peaceful... I am still impressed. Thank you Maria and my pleasure was to met all. I hold this energy, which makes me healed and blessed. - Danuta

 Loved every minute of this. Very clever ideas. Thank you 😊 - Laura

 What a lovely bunch of people. So full of energy. The cocktails were simply amazing - Axel

Thanks Maria for such an enjoyable, informative and enlightening afternoon. Feeling very peaceful and full of love and light. - Diana

 Thanks for last night Maria. Had a really fun time meeting and sharing experiences with a great group of people. - Justin

Great fun last night, great people and lots of energy .... Thank you. Definitely going again. -  Gary

What a lovely bunch of people to share this enlightening experience with! Much love xx. -  Louise