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Creating a Portal of Wishes for 2023

Manifestation is an ongoing process and it is happening right now at this moment. The new energies are gathering together to open new portals of light for us on Earth. Our job is now to find these portals and accelerate them with the power of our own energy.

We are all familiar with the main techniques for manifesting our wishes. We can write about our goals, we can visualise our positive future, we can say uplifting affirmations to bring the right vibration into our reality. All these tools are magical and very effective, especially when they are joined by our strong belief and positive feeling.

What about the portals? Imagine that the Universe is smiling to you now and creating openings in the space where the new high energy can come in! It is true that we can exist in several dimensions at the same time and, depending on which dimension we choose, we step inside of it and become it. The focus of our consciousness is moving there.

Look around you now. Stop thinking for a moment. Look at the empty air around you and imagine that it is alive. What do you see? Where do your eyes go first? Notice and acknowledge what kind of energy there is around you. Is it calm? Is it pleasant? Is it neutral? Then choose a spot which appears more energetically attractive and right for you. Which part of the reality is calling you the most now?

Focus on this energy spot and begin to visualise it. Imagine that there, out of thin air, begins to appear a very bright and beautiful energy, like magic. As if, all of a sudden, an invisible artist with a palette of bright colours, starts to paint a magical picture right in front of you. See it. Believe it. Feel it.

What does this magical portal look like? How would you imagine it? Does it have any colours? What shape comes to you first? You can imagine your magical portal like a fountain of light, a cluster of bright sparkling starts or just an opening of a vortex which is sharing powerful energy with you. Choose whatever comes first to you and go with your imagination. This is the right answer.

Now imagine how this energy begins to interact with you. It is moving, playing, shining light just in front of your eyes. Imagine that it is alive and vibrant and communicating with you through energy. What does it feel like?

Now feel that this energy contains an important message for you. It is a message about your wish – what your heart most desires for you to have. Feel what kind of energy would be right for you now and trust it. Let it show itself to you in full splendour. How do you see yourself? Visualise it in a way that comes to you. You can even imagine that you see a picture of your future self in this portal: happy, smiling and fulfilling your higher purpose.

The energy is inviting you to dance with it. Have fun together! Imagine that it is real, here and now. No doubts, just complete joy and integration. This is the new manifestation. This is Energy Creation. Enjoy being your powerful self.

You can practice this exercise every day, wherever you go. For example, you can sit in a coffee shop and focus on the energy around you, as if it was visible to you. Or you can sit in the garden and visualise the light around the trees and the grass. Every time you do this exercise, you will attract the positive energy more and more into your life and will help your wish to be shaped into physical reality.

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Maria Zhuravleva, the author of "Seven Wonders of the Self"

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