Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a profound healing session which can bring a powerful transformation into your life.

QHHT was developed by an American hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon who had been working in the field for over 45 years. Dolores Cannon left a legacy of over 18 fascinating books on past life regression, life between lives, Subconscious healing which brings people from all over the world to QHHT.

During the session we experience a past life regression and have a contact with the Subconscious. The person achieves a deep state of relaxation which is similar to between sleep and awakening state where we can access deeper knowledge and receive healing.

The power of QHHT lies in communication with the Subconscious which is the guardian of all knowledge and information. The Subconscious is the power within every person who takes a very good care of them and looks after them in every moment of life. The Subconscious also knows very well the body of the person and can help to understand the connections of the emotions and the physical ailments and heal them.


Maria is a dedicated QHHT practitioner who has been actively practicing since 2011. Maria did her Level 1 and 2 with Dolores Cannon in 2011 and 2012 respectively, and received Level 3 in 2019. In her QHHT sessions Maria thoroughly follows the guidelines of Dolores as she highly respects the technique and the magnificent founder.

In the course of years Maria has had an excess of 900 sessions with the clients all around the world: UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia and more. Maria speaks fluently English, Spanish and Russian and offers session in these three languages.


In her approach Maria is professional, dedicated and thorough. She works to achieve the best for each client using her vast experience and does so in a gentle and loving way. You will feel comfortable, safe and looked after during the session.

Maria with Dolores and Julia Cannon
Maria with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon during Level 2 training in 2012
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This session lasts for approximately 4 hours, can take shorter or longer.

Availability: weekdays and some weekends 

Cost: £300

Location: Earls Court, Kensington, London

The session consists of:

An interview:

Before the session the client prepares a list of questions on different subjects that are important to them in their life. These questions can be related to health, personal, relationships, work, life purpose, their past. The client brings the list of the questions to the session and during the interview we discuss them in detail. We also talk about the life of the person and they are welcome to spend as much time as needed to talk about their life and what is important for them to achieve.

The session:

The session begins by the induction, a process developed by Dolores Cannon to help the person to achieve the deepest state possible through guided imagery and relaxation. The person then usually experiences one or several past lives in order to see what messages it has and how it can help them in their life now. After the past life we connect to the Subconscious of the person to receive the healing and ask for the guidance for their current life.

Past life regression:

Typically we see one past life and go through the most important days of it. This process greatly varies on the person and what the Subconscious wants to show to them. We discover who the person was in a past life, where they lived, what they did, who was around them. We then move on to the end of the life to see how it finished and what lessons it has for the person in their soul development. Every life has a meaning and a lesson and our job is to find out how this past experience can help you in a current life.

Past life regression can help to receive healing, release the old emotion pain and traumas, find causes for different feelings and patterns in this life and receive inspiration for the current journey.

The Subconscious:

This is the most beautiful part of the session as we contact the true power within the person. The Subconscious exists within each one of us and is always ready to help to guide us and support us. The Subconscious talks to us through intuition, images, sensations and feelings.

During the session it is possible to contact the Subconscious and ask it for guidance and healing. In many cases instantaneous healing can happen. The level of healing depends on the eagerness of the Subconscious to do the work and on the openness of the client to allow this process. It also depends on the timing and on the soul lessons of this person at the time.

The Subconscious usually heals with the White Light and healing energy. This is the most powerful healing energy that exists and it is capable of curing physical illness and emotional pain. The Subconscious often finds the cause of the problem and connects it to a personal experience in their life depending on the situation. They then work on healing that part of the body through high energy and vibration. The person may experience warmth, tingling, a sense of moving energy, a feeling of release and letting go. Major shift is possible during QHHT session but it is important for you to assist the process and be open to it.

The finishing part:

At the end of the session we take time for the person to come back to the full consciousness and orientate themselves in the present time and space. It is usually clear what the person needs to do as they have felt or heard it themselves during the session. The person takes some time to process the effect of the session and we discuss the main points together. We go through what was recommended to be done if necessary and share whatever we need to discuss.

Q & A

How does QHHT make you feel ?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a very gentle yet powerful technique. It will relax your body and your mind, allow you to feel the healing energy of your Subconscious and connect to your intuition. Typically people experience a pleasant sense of relief and peace after the session and gain a more clear perspective on their life path

How long does the session last ?

The session typically lasts about 4 hours but can take a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on the information that comes in during the session. You are comfortably assisted during the session and as much time as needed can be spent in order to achieve the good result.

Do I need to prepare for the session ?

There is no routine preparation that you need to do before the session however allowing yourself to be in a trusting relaxed state will greatly help the healing process. You will also be asked to bring a list of questions to the session containing all the important aspects that you would like to work on during the session.

How many questions shall I prepare ?

There is no set number of questions for you to bring, you should just listen to your intuition. Normally people bring around 5-7 questions and they reflect the most important things for themselves. Some people have no questions and would just like to have the experience and this is perfectly fine. In other cases you might just have one question. In all situations we will follow the flow of the session and discover what the Subconscious would like to tell you taking into account your questions.

What is the Subconscious and how can it help me?

The Subconscious (or the Higher Self) is the beautiful power that exists within you that assists you on your path and takes care of you physically and emotionally. The Subconscious is loving, wise, knowledgeable and very helpful, they talk to you every day through your intuition and dreams. During the session we can contact the Subconscious and ask it to give you healing and clarity on your questions in life. The best way to work with the Subconscious is to trust it and allow the information to come through naturally.

Will I remember anything after the session ?

You might remember parts of it. However the session reminds a dream and some memories will fade away. This is why we record the session and you receive the recording so you can listen to it in your spare time to increase the effect of the work.

How many sessions do I need ?

The beauty and the powerful effect of QHHT is such that you will most probably need just one session. However, in some cases people like to repeat the experience when they find more questions to ask or want to reconfirm what the Subconscious would like to tell them.

How many past lives do I get to see ?

Typically we see one past life and go through most important events in that life. Sometimes people jump to several lives, this happens if the Subconscious has several messages for them to give. There are cases when people go to special places instead of a past life, it can be a healing place, a life between lives, elements of this life and so on. It all depends on what the Subconscious will decide to show you.

What are the benefits of the session ?

The amount of benefits is impressive as QHHT is a profound technique capable to work on many levels. It can bring healing on physical and emotional level, provide inner guidance, connect to intuition and psychic abilities, explain patterns and reasons for feelings. It has to be noted that every session is individual and will depend on the person's level of openness and soul plan.

How is the session achieved ?

QHHT works with guided imagery and a deep state of relaxation. You are gently guided with the voice and achieve the state between sleep and awakening. In this state we can access the deeper knowledge within you and receive inner healing.

How can a past life regression help ?

A past life regression offers a number of benefits starting from physical and emotional healing to discovering the patterns for relationships and reasons for unexplained feelings in this life. If the cause for the physical illness originates in a past life, for example an injury or a pain, it can be released and healed during a past life regression. A past life regression can provide insights to why we incarnate in this life, what connection we have to members of our soul family and what lessons can help us to progress in this life.

How does the Subconscious heal ?

The Subconscious (or the Higher Self) is the power that knows the person very well and holds all the information. This power can have a strong healing effect on the body and mind as it knows exactly what is happening there and what can be done to help it. The Subconscious heals with high vibrational energy during the session and it assists the person with advice and insights.

Will I remember anything after the session ?

Usually the person has a general awareness of the session and remembers parts of it. However the session is similar to a dream and some memories fade away. This is why we record the session so you can listen to it in your spare time to increase the effect of the work. According to Dolores Cannon, there has been a tendency in the recent years for the clients to remember more of their sessions. This is done by the Subconscious to help the person bring the information to their consciousness and raise their energy.

How many sessions do I need ?

The beauty of QHHT is that you will most probably need just one session. However, in some cases people like to repeat the experience when they find more questions to ask or want to reconfirm what the Subconscious would like to tell them.

Is past life regression safe ?

Past life regression is completely safe as you will only see what you are supposed to see. The Subconscious has higher wisdom and knowledge and will only give you what can help you at this moment in your life. You can trust this power completely. In addition to that, the session has all the safeguards and necessary techniques to help you have a comfortable and healing experience. Remember that you are taken care of and there is no judgement.

How will I feel after the session ?

Usually people feel relaxed and clear after the session. It is recommend to spend a peaceful day after QHHT so you could assimilate the information and receive all the benefits from the healing. You are encouraged to listen to the recording several times to help you gain the most of the healing energy and the advice of the Subconscious.

How do I book a session ?

You can pay online through PayPal link on the website or arrange a 60 pound deposit required to book the session. Email Maria to arrange a convenient time for the session at mail@mariasuniverse.com



Donna, London

"Thank you so much for doing the session with me, I enjoyed it and it's funny I actually feel different and a lot happier. 

Nothing seems to upset me as much - this is great. I will be listening to my recording now as I was looking to receiving it all day, thank you so much."

Sylvia, London

"I feel that the session was a turning point and there has been an enormous shift so thank you for all your skill and instinctive responses to everything that was needed to be done. Now that I have been shown who I am spiritually I notice that it has been easy to abandon thinking of myself in terms of my earthly problems and I have a greater resolve to regain my energy and start using it for good.""

Catherine, London

"It was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to have insights flooding in - which I have been writing down as they come - to help me to make sense of the experience and support my journey of learning and healing. I instantly felt relaxed in your lovely energy and the calmness of your wonderful space.."


QHHT session is booked via email or telephone.

The duration of the session is around 4 hours.

Sessions are taken place in Central London in Kensington. Session are available in English, Spanish and Russian languages. Maria is a Level 3 practitioner, with 10 years of experience, trained with Dolores Cannon, had over 900 sessions.

You are welcome to send your questions via email prior to booking a session or you can book directly through the payment process below by clicking Buy Now .

Availability: weekdays and some weekends 

Cost: £300

Location: Kensington, London

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