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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

Donna, London

"Thank you so much for doing the session with me, I enjoyed it and it's funny I actually feel different and a lot happier. 

Nothing seems to upset me as much - this is great. I will be listening to my recording now as I was looking to receiving it all day, thank you so much."

Gareth, London

"Thank you so much for your loving warmth and kindness that helped to guide me through the process.

It was an incredibly interesting experience for me. Also - many thanks for the recording. It is definitely important for me to relive the experience to draw some lessons from it. :) "

Elena, Moscow

"The session with Maria was a moment of honesty with myself. I saw my past life and realised how I wanted to live, and most importantly I became strong enough to realise that I was doing wrong. Afterwards I found the power to change my life. And it's still changing now."

Alex, Lithuania

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for session you were doing with me. I really liked to communicate with you, I was felling very good  and comfortable and safe. Thank you for your professionalism. As I feel very good now, I'm much more confident and more courageous, and felling calm and happy inside, of course I've got a lot of things now in places and knew in which direction to move."

Sylvia, London

"I I feel that the session was a turning point and there has been an enormous shift so thank you for all your skill and instinctive responses to everything that was needed to be done. Now that I have been shown who I am spiritually I notice that it has been easy to abandon thinking of myself in terms of my earthly problems and I have a greater resolve to regain my energy and start using it for good."

Catherine, London

""It was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to have insights flooding in - which I have been writing down as they come - to help me to make sense of the experience and support my journey of learning and healing. I instantly felt relaxed in your lovely energy and the calmness of your wonderful space."

Andy, London

"Past life regression with Maria was an incredible experience, it opened up an entire new dimension to life and allowed me to realise certain truths about myself that i was perhaps unwilling to accept otherwise. Knowing that you have lived many times before is extremely liberating and allowed me to consider my actions and thoughts in a new way completely. Maria guided me through the whole process and with her great understanding and perception was able to discuss with me ideas about the visions i had during the regression. If you find yourself questioning life, feel like an observer inside your own body or you're not sure where to go next, past life regression will definitely help you.""

Stephanie, London

"It was an excellent session starting with a long consultation. It has really helped me physically with the healing in the subconscious state. My pain in pelvis, back and shoulders have noticeably reduced! While in session I could feel healing light and waves healing all parts of body. It was a beautiful experience. The part where I go deep into my subconscious I felt as I was grounded and transported to the safest place. I really didn't feel I wanted the experience to end . It's helped connect with myself again on a very deep level, where I found answers to heal my emotional pain and my connection to my family and birth.

I would love to come see you again before the birth for more healing and prep for the labor. Thanks for your love and understanding."


Aurika, London

"I am very glad that my first session was conducted by Maria. Maria has got a professional approach which is also kind and understanding. As it was my first session, I was a bit worried and had some doubts, but Maria was able to create the atmosphere of trust and it helped me to relax and trust the process. Maria also found a way to deal with unexpected situation, as my cat suddenly decided to take a part in the session. Despite his interference Maria was able to take me under I was very impressed by the results of the session. Thank you very much, Maria, I can definitely recommend this session!"

Natalia, Samara

"I am so grateful to myself that I decided to have a session and didn’t change my mind because of the circumstances, and I am so grateful to Maria who guided me through the session. The session really helped me. All my life I followed a certain pattern and now I got the answer where it originated from. Since childhood I was carrying a “blockage” when speaking – for no apparent reason I couldn’t answer in school, later express my opinion, communicate with people, attend meetings and conferences. I had a strong feeling of «constraint” in my throat which was bothering me.  In a past life I saw myself in a body of a deaf and dumb girl. And I understood why I always felt this way in this life. After the session, in a while, the feelings of “constraint” were gone and communication became so easy for me as if I never had any trouble! We also did the healing for my son who had a similar problem. And after the session his life was totally transformed – he became so happy and full of life. Thank you Maria for your support, understanding, conversation and invaluable help!"

James, Oxford

"They say the gateway to the Soul is through the eyes - and what eyes Maria has. My interest in deep hypnosis was piqued after watching an interview with Dolores Cannon, but it was on meeting Maria that it actually took shape. The (past-life) person I became under her guidance validated and resonated with my life now, and helped to answer questions about the big themes. Had I not been greeted by such a glowing, enthusiastic proponent of the art, I would have probably turned around and gone home. But in the gentle embrace of Maria’s energy it was a delight to let go and explore the wider facets of my experience here on Earth - going back many hundreds of years in this case. After our session, I was able to pinpoint historical documents and synchronous overlaps that added credence to the very specific details of the hypnosis session. Not only was the past brought into the present for examination, but the present was forthcoming in validating that past - in the most concrete terms."

Maryam, London

"This was the most amazing experience of my life. I had no idea what to expect from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session and felt a little nervous, Maria is so brilliant at what she does that I felt so relaxed, calm and protected. I was taken on a gentle and magical tour to my past. I found the experience extremely helpful for my spiritual journey specially when I had the chance to connect to my higher self, get answers and heal myself in the second part of the session. I highly recommend this to everyone, if you are not a believer of reincarnation, I'd be surprised if you stay skeptic after this experience.Thank you so much Maria I'm looking forward to be back for more sessions with you."

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