Upcoming course: Energy Creation LEVEL 1 "Find your Light"

Duration: Every Tuesday for one month - Autumn 2020 

Location: St Stephen's Church Hall 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ London 

Cost: £120 

Bookings open now - please contact for more details

- Master the energy of your hands and your body

- Connect to your healing gifts

- Develop your intuitive and extrasensory skills

- Learn how to uplift and balance your energy

Welcome to Energy Creation Course – an energy healing course which will help you to create healing energy with your hands and uplift yourself and other people.

You will learn how to look after your aura, send healing energy, balance your body, create high frequency energy. Energy Creation helps you to connect to your true self and use your energy to achieve balance and well-being. It teaches to channel energy and work with your hands using different techniques.

The course helps you to interact with subtle energies and transfer positive frequencies into your reality.

Energy Creation Level One 

Welcome to Energy Creation Level 1 where we focus on learning healing energy positions, energy motions and shapes to balance your body and aura. 


In this level you will learn and practice:

1. What energy is, how to communicate through energy and send it with your hands.

2. Your unique energy, how to feel and channel it.

3. How to read the energy with your hands. 

4. How to direct healing energy into your body.

5. Ways to balance your aura, keep it clean and replenished.

6. Create high-vibrational energy with the help of hand positions, hand motions and shapes.

Benefits of this level:

  • Increase your energy awareness 

  • Learn daily practice to keep your energy in tune

  • Practice your healing skills

  • Develop trust in yourself and your intuition

  • Learn to uplift the energy of another person

The course consists of extensive practice, inspirational guidance, helpful examples and demonstration. You will learn from your experience, experience of other students and the support of the teacher. You will receive several useful techniques that you can apply in your life.

There will be individual, pair and group exercises during the course. You will receive files with course information and a certificate at the end of the course. As an Energy Creation student, you will be able to continue receiving support and updates on the technique from the teacher.


Maria Zhuravleva is a QHHT practitioner and an energy healer. After working with Reiki for many years Maria developed her own technique hand motions, high frequenices and harmonic shapes. This intuitive and practical method is called Energy Creation and it allows to master the power of energy of your hands to use it for healing, transformation and manifestation.

"Energy work is the future of human interaction. Through energy we can heal, we can love, we can empower and uplift each other. Each person has got an energy gift, it is about recognising it and seeing it in each other and ourselves."

Location: St Stephen's Church Hall, 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ. Entrance on the left side of the church.

Information about the course


Energy Creation is a course taking place every week for a month, for each level. 

The course is focused on practice, it helps to awaken healing abilities and learn to use the energy effectively. 

Each level is dedicated to different subjects of the course, complementing each other. 

Level 1 teaches how to look after your energy and use your hands to maintain balance in the body. We learn various hands positions, hand motions and hand shapes to channel high frequency energy.

Level 2 is orientated at the world of colours and high vibration energies which bring healing to the body. Here we practice our clairvoyant skills and learn to deepen our communication with energy. 

Level 3 is an outdoor class which teaches how to interact with nature through energy. We learn to talk to the trees, feel the energy of the plants, receive and give healing to nature, feel the energy of the space around us. 

Level 4 is a progression into the practice of energy, working closely with the energy of our body to achieve physical and emotional healing. In this level we go through the useful techniques of mirror work and explore the practice of energy clothing.


Level 5 is a final level of Energy Creation which brings the highest point all the gifts that we have channeled throughout the course. In this level we learn to charge the objects with energy, create uplifting space around ourselves, communicate with our spiritual guides and practice deeper energy communication with each other. This is a high level class where we are going to co-create a new healing reality together with other students.


Energy Creation Level 1 welcomes beginners and students interested in energy healing. It is also beneficial for the practitioners of Reiki who would like to expand on their practice and bring it to a new level. 

Please note that Energy Creation is all about intuition. You will be encouraged to listen to your own hands and your inner guidance during the course. The course is designed to make you feel loved, appreciated and highly valued.

Bookings are recommended in advance. 


"Thank you everyone and Maria for a wonderful journey, an opportunity to learn and develop and gather new strengths and skills. I wish for all of your souls to grow and shine towards their full potential. Look forward to seeing you as we continue on our journeys."


"Thank you everyone, this was the best energy group I've ever been part of. You are all amazing and beautiful souls. Thank you for your kindness, your love and your healing power. "


"I arrived low, heavy and tired - now I am happy, light and energised and overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. Thank you all."



QHHT (QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE) is achieved through visual imagery in the state of a very deep relaxation of the individual. The session includes two main components: a Past-Life Regression and communication with the Subconscious (the Higher Self).

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Energy Hand Reading is a soothing experience which enriches you with healing energy and gives you an insight into your path. During the reading, we connect to your hands both visually and energetically and receive helpful messages for your life.

Reiki Energy.jpg

A class or a healing session. This service offers two options of  healing session and a class of attunement for individuals, couples. or small groups.

Nature and Tree healing walks help you to connect to nature,

learn to communicate with the trees and replenish your energy.