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Meditation and Aura
Meditation by the Sea

Learn to work with your energy in a unique and creative way. Use your hands to channel high-vibrational energy and share it with yourself and other people. 

- Master the energy of your hands and your body

- Connect to your healing gifts

- Develop your intuitive and extrasensory skills

- Learn how to uplift and balance your energy

Welcome to Energy Creation Course – an energy course which will help you to create healing energy with your hands and uplift yourself and other people.

You will learn how to look after your aura, send healing energy to yourself and others, balance your body, create high-frequency energy.


Energy Creation helps you to connect to your true self and use your energy to achieve balance and wellbeing. It teaches to channel energy and work with your hands, transferring positive frequencies into your reality.

Energy Creation Course 

Welcome to Energy Creation Course where we learn healing energy positions, energy motions and harmonic shapes to balance your body and aura. 


You will learn and practice:

1. Your unique energy, how to feel it and channel it.

3. How to read the vibrations with your hands. 

4. How to direct healing energy into your body.

5. Ways to balance your aura, keep it clean and replenished.

6. Create high-vibrational energy with the help of hand positions, hand motions and shapes.

Benefits of Energy Creation:

  • Increase your energy awareness 

  • Learn daily techniques to keep your energy in tune

  • Practice your healing skills

  • Develop trust in yourself and your intuition

  • Learn to uplift the energy of another person

The course consists of extensive practice, inspirational guidance, helpful examples and demonstration. You will learn from your experience, experience of other students and the support of the teacher. You will receive several useful techniques that you can apply in your life.

There will be individual, pair and group exercises during the course. You will receive files with course information. As an Energy Creation student, you will be able to continue receiving support and updates on the technique from the teacher.

NEW DATE: coming soon 2024

Energy Creation Course  

Date: Coming soon

Duration: 4 classes of 90 minutes

Cost for group course: £150

If you would like to join the group, contact Maria

Private classes available at £220 for 4 classes

Welcome to the introductory Energy Creation Course for beginners. You will learn about the energy in your hands, how to use it and how to channel high-frequency vibration for your wellbeing. In our lessons we are going to get acquainted with Energy Creation Technique and give you an idea of how to implement the gift of energy healing. 

You will learn and practice:

1. Your unique energy, how to connect with it and channel it.

2. How to create light with your hands and pass it through your body. 

3. Sensing and creating different energies with your hands. 

4. Balancing your body and inner energy with your hands.

5. Learn basic techniques to cleanse your energy and feel uplifted.

The introductory course will help you to become aware of your healing energy and develop your intuition through practical exercises. It will give you an inspiration for your future practice and help to increase your energy awareness.



Maria Zhuravleva is a QHHT practitioner, an energy healer and the author of "Seven Wonders of the Self". After working with Reiki for many years Maria developed her own technique using hand motions, high frequenices and harmonic shapes. This intuitive and practical method is called Energy Creation and it allows to master the power of energy of your hands to use it for healing, transformation and manifestation.

"Energy work is the future of human interaction. Through energy we can heal, we can love, we can empower and uplift each other. Each person has got an energy gift, it is about recognising it and seeing it in each other and ourselves."


Cost: £150

Includes 4 classses in a group

Please contact to join

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Cost for Individual Course: £220

Location: St Stephen's Church Hall, 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ. Entrance on the left side of the church.

 Energy Creation Healing Practice


What students say about Energy Creation Course:


"Thank you everyone and Maria for a wonderful journey, an opportunity to learn and develop and gather new strengths and skills. I wish for all of your souls to grow and shine towards their full potential. Look forward to seeing you as we continue on our journeys."


"Thank you everyone, this was the best energy group I've ever been part of. You are all amazing and beautiful souls. Thank you for your kindness, your love and your healing power. "


"I arrived low, heavy and tired - now I am happy, light and energised and overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. Thank you all."


Healing Stones

In this session you relax and receive healing energy through the hands, which are gently connecting to the most important aspects of your body. Similar to Reiki, but more even more intuitive and powerful, this session includes Energy Creation Healing Motions, cleaning and purifying the energy, recharging your centres, allowing the energy to blossom and flow freely. 

This session includes Energy Healing and Reading at the same time. During the session you will be receiving healing energy through the hands and the channeled messages by Maria. Our energy contains important information about our being, our vibrational essence, our life purpose and more. This session typically allows high-vibrational energy to pass through the hands and the messages. You will get the recording of the session afterwards. 


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