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Healing Energy Workshop
Healing Power of Colours
Monday April 24th 2023


Experience the wonderful benefits of energy work: healing, balancing and intuitive. Unlock your own healing abilities and use the power of your energy to manifest great things in your life.


- Balance your physical body and improve your health

- Create a higher vibration and clean your aura

- Learn to use your hands in a healing and creative way

- Connect with your intuition and extrasensory abilities

Monday, April 24th, 2023 | 7 PM - 9 PM

Cost: One off class £20, 3 classes purchased £45 (classes run approximately once a month)

Location: St Stephen's Church Hall, 48 Emperor's Gate SW7 4HJ. Entrance on the left side of the building where it says "Pooh Corner Kindergarden".

Discover the amazing benefits of energy work that you can use to balance your physical and emotional body. Learn the powerful cleansing and balancing techniques to achieve a harmonised energy flow in your body and a peaceful state of mind.


The 2-hour workshop will provide you with the necessary techniques to keep your energy body in a good shape and maintain a healthy body system. The workshop will include a healing guided meditation which will give you a profound look into your energy and allow you to work on your inner balance straight away.


Subject of the workshop: Today we will connect to the energy of the colours and receive their unique healing vibration. Every colour has a language and it is communicating with us through its particular frequency.


Green is a healing colour, yellow is recharging us with new energy, red is invigorating us with power, pink is beautiful for cleansing. We can learn to talk to the colours and receive their healing benefits through meditation and energy work. 

The workshop will include individual, group and pair energy exercises and will be based mainly on practice so you will be able to continue the technique at your own time.


We will practice several beneficial variations of energy work which will help to open up the intuitive abilities and align you with your life goals.


The experience will help you to become aware of your energy field, learn to heal yourself and help other people, learn to feel energies and work intuitively with your hands.


The workshop is great both for complete beginners as well as energy healers.


There are amazing benefits of energy workout such as:


-   It strengthens and clears the body aura

-   Assists in healing and bringing balance to the physical and emotional body

-   Increases intuitive and spiritual awareness

-   Allows to see beyond the physical and feel energy on a profound level

-   Connects with one's own inner power

For questions and inquiries please email Maria:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Booking can be made by purchasing a ticket on this website through PayPal. 
You can also drop in and pay cash on the door prior to the event.
Please kindly arrive on time, late coming may disturb the workshop.

Looking forward to meeting you!
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