This session lasts approximately for 1 hour.

Availability: weekdays and weekends 

Cost: £60

Location: Kensington, London

Energy Hand Reading is a channeling experience where you receive the reading of the unique vibration of your hand and its messages.

Every hand has its own vibration which reflects the essence of this soul and their path. It tells the story of the person’s feelings, emotions, particular strengths and challenges and gives a spiritual perspective on their life.

When we connect our hands, the energy starts to run between them enriching your hands and filling them with healing energy. As the practitioner speaks and gives you the messages, you receive a high vibration through the hand and connect to it at the same time.

Energy Hand reading can touch upon various aspects of your life, depending on what messages your hand will give: personal life, soul development, relationships, past, life purpose. You will receive advice on how to improve your well-being and connection to yourself.

During energy hand reading information comes as images and feelings so you will receive a lot of symbolic interpretations which you can decipher according to your intuition. After the reading you will receive the recording of the channeling that you are welcome to listen to later as it has healing and relaxing properties.



  • Receive helpful messages for your life path

  • Clear your energy and balance

  • Connect to the unique energy of your soul

  • Receive healing and relaxation

  • Get inspiration for your next steps

Q & A

How can an Energy Hand Reading help me?

Energy Hand Reading can help you if you need guidance and help in your current situation. In can also help you to get a general perspective on your spiritual development and well-being.

What happens during an Energy Hand Reading ?

The practitioner holds your hand and helps you to achieve a relaxing state with a soothing voice. In a peaceful state you receive messages of guidance as the practitioner is reading the unique energy of your hand. You also receive healing energy as we tune into your messages and bring the energy that is beneficial for you.

How will I feel after an Energy Hand Reading ?

After the reading people often feel very relaxed, they have a clear mind and pleasant feeling of positive change. The reading will help you to feel recharged and receive new inspiration for your life.


Individual sessions are booked in advance via email or telephone.

The duration of the session depends on the type of the session, please see the details on the page.

Sessions are taken place in Central London in Kensington. Skype sessions are available for some therapies.

You are welcome to send your questions via email prior to booking a session or you can book directly through the payment process below by clicking Buy Now .

Availability: weekdays and weekends 

Cost: £60

Location: Kensington, London



QHHT (QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE) is achieved through visual imagery in the state of a very deep relaxation of the individual. The session includes two main components: a Past-Life Regression and communication with the Subconscious (the Higher Self).

Energy 2.jpg

Energy Creation is a healing and well-being technique which was developed by Maria Zhuravleva. This technique allows you to connect to your own source of energy and learn to create high-vibrational energy with your hands to enhance your life, health, relationships and success.

Reiki Energy_edited.jpg

In Energy Coaching session we will learn together how to apply your energy in order to clear a situation, get inner guidance, send healing.

Reiki Treatment

A class and a healing session. This service offers two options of  healing session and a class of attunement for individuals, couples. or small groups.

Wrapped Package

Occasionally, I have special offers on two different sessions or group offers.

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