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5 Ways to look after your aura

It is no secret that our essence stretches far beyond our physical body. We are not just the cells in the body, we are also an energy field which encompasses our being and holds a sacred space for our body.

Our aura is a magical place. There happen many things at the same time: a combination of our feelings, our past, our present, our future, our desires, our gifts, our habits, our health. And many many more. Our aura is like our book which we can read on a daily level to understand ourselves better.

And this magical book needs looking after. Just like anything else in the world. It needs dusting, cleaning, sorting, being kept in a nice place. And, most importantly, in needs to be approached with love and care. How kind it sounds!

Indeed, we can perform miracles to our health and emotions if we begin to look after our own energy field. Think of it the same as taking the shower in the morning or brushing your teeth before you go to bed.

In this article I will share some tips how to keep your energy field in the best possible state.

Advice №1 – Your Aura is your Best Friend

As your aura is the place you are in every moment of your life, treat it like your best friend. Listen to it on a daily level, sit with it in silence, treat it to nice gifts. In other words, be there for your energy! For example, you can observe how your energy feels every moment of your life and make a point about it.

Let’s say you wake up first in the morning. Ask yourself: How does my energy feel? Is it high or low? Do I feel good or does anything bring me down?

Then, as you continue your day and go out in the street, observe how your energy changes. How does this place make you feel? How does this activity affect your energy? Do you feel uplifted or tired? These observations will help you to get in touch with your energy quickly and devise a plan on how to make it feel great.

Advice №2 – Practice Meditation

This may sound like a very simple advice but it is so true! Meditation is a wonderful healer and balancer of our energy. The moment you close your eyes and turn to your inner self, your energy is already starting to calm down. Then, as you go deeper, you become aware of your inner vibration more, and can rearrange your energy accordingly to your needs.

For example, you can variate your meditation and work on healing your aura while doing it. When in meditation, ask your energy: “How do you feel now? What would you like to be to feel good?” Try to imagine what your aura looks like at this moment. Does it have any sharp edges? Any loose energies? Maybe it is weaker in some places? Become aware of it and then restructure your aura in your imagination just the way you want it to be. You can imagine that you are making it smooth, clear, colourful and shining with light. Make any changes that you need to create a beautiful aura in your imagination.

Advice №3 – Create Energy for your Aura

The truth is – our aura can change and uplift its vibration any time! We are the masters of our own energy field and this means that we can create magic in it. Some of the things you can do for your aura include: energy healing, creating new patterns, placing beautiful colours, elevating the vibration, increasing positive feelings. And many more.

Energy Creation is a perfect practice for improving your aura, as it will help you to intuitively connect to your energy field and find out exactly what you need to do to make it happy. For example, you can use your hands to cleanse the vibration in your aura.

Take a comfortable position, relax and connect your hands, so the palms are facing each other. Imagine that the pure light energy is flowing between your hands and a pleasant warm sensation is appearing there. Feel your aura. What would you like to do for it to make it feel better?

Now take your hands up and start shaping your aura in a round way around your body, as though you are drawing its outline in the space. Make very slow, millimeter movements to define the new edges of your aura, while imagining how it becomes pure and bright. Make sure that you give a lot of love to your energy field through your hands and enjoy this practice. You aura and mind will glow brightly after this exercise!

Advice №4 Spend more time in nature

This is another simple but very powerful practice! The trees, the plants and the earth know already how to heal and they have all the instruments ready to show us how we can do it ourselves. We just need to sit and listen and absorb the high energy of nature.

Your aura will purify and declutter naturally when you go to a park or a forest. What happens is that the very light frequency of the trees travels to your energy field and rearranges it in a perfect way for you. You will naturally become more harmonious in the presence of nature. Think of it as a reminder to your aura of what it is like to be balanced and happy.

When you go to the park, just relax and sit down, doing nothing. Put your phone away and look around. What do you see? What vibrations do you pick up? Then imagine that these vibrations are beginning to encircle you and connect to your aura. Start breathing them in and feel how your aura is getting purer and brighter. Spend some time dancing with the energies of nature and enjoy their healing effect!

Advice №5 Surround yourself with high frequencies

Our auras love being in nice spaces and spending time with uplifting energies. This includes positive energy places, people, nature, feelings, objects – anything you can think of! Just observe how each part of your life makes you feel and choose positive vibrations when you can.

If you have a friend who makes you laugh and sparkles your creative flow, spend more time with them. Your aura will say “thank you” and will blossom from such a happy activity! If you have a favourite place, a café, a restaurant, an art gallery – something which makes you feel divine, make sure you spend more time there. You will know if its right if you feel uplifted, free, excited and inspired.

Also, you can observe the objects you surround yourself with at home. What is looking at you every day of your life? Are there uplifting paintings, bright colours, new frequencies and loving energies? Or are you surround with heavy objects, clutter, unnecessary things and lack of harmony? Observe how each object make you feel and then rearrange it according to the needs of your energy. It will be so grateful to you!

Of course, this is far from all and there are many more ideas that can help you purify and heal your aura. But if you start with these simple but essential practices, you will soon know exactly what you need to feel great every day of your life. Make sure that you keep a diary and record all the positive activities that you do for your energy. This will help you in the future to keep track of your progress and not forget the key components that improve your aura.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Maria and watch plenty of helpful videos on Maria’s Universe youtube channel.

Sending your aura the best of healing!

Maria Zhuravleva


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