Maria Zhuravleva is Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner and an Energy Healer. Maria founded Energy Creation, a technique to help to master the energy of your hands and learn to transform your body and life with high frequency energy. 




QHHT (QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE) is achieved through visual imagery in the state of a very deep relaxation of the individual. The session includes two main components: a Past-Life Regression and communication with the Subconscious (the Higher Self).


Energy Creation is a healing and balancing technique to create energy with your hands. Uplift your body and aura with your own powerful energy. Energy Creation is a profound and playful technique which will open your creative abilities and help you to trust in your healing powers.  



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21-22 March 2020


Energy Creation Level 1

"Find your Inner Light"

~Master your energy~

-  Create energy with your hands 

- Balance your body and aura

- Expand your intuition  

- Uplift each other with light energy

- Transform the energy in your life


Donna, London

"Thank you so much for doing the session with me, I enjoyed it and it's funny I actually feel different and a lot happier. 

Nothing seems to upset me as much - this is great. I will be listening to my recording now as I was looking to receiving it all day, thank you so much."

Sylvia, London

"I feel that the session was a turning point and there has been an enormous shift so thank you for all your skill and instinctive responses to everything that was needed to be done. Now that I have been shown who I am spiritually I notice that it has been easy to abandon thinking of myself in terms of my earthly problems and I have a greater resolve to regain my energy and start using it for good."

Catherine, London

"It was a life changing experience for me and I have continued to have insights flooding in - which I have been writing down as they come - to help me to make sense of the experience and support my journey of learning and healing. I instantly felt relaxed in your lovely energy and the calmness of your wonderful space."

Steven, London

"Thank you everyone, this was the best energy group I've ever been part of. You are all amazing and beautiful souls. Thank you for your kindness, your love and your healing power."

Susan, London

"Thank you, Maria, for creating such a wonderfully unique course to guide us to access our inner magic. It helped me to access so many unseen intuitive parts of myself. Highly recommend this course."

David, London

"Thank you everyone and Maria for a wonderful journey, an opportunity to learn and develop and gather new strengths and skills. I wish for all of your souls to grow and shine towards their full potential."

Energy Creation Healing Session 



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