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QHHT session: Teaching "Preparation for Life" in life between lives.

Some of the most curious moments in QHHT sessions occur when clients experience life between lives. On occasions it happens naturally, when a person’s soul drifts away, after finishing a past life, into the other side. Usually, this place is described as a very pleasant, peaceful and full of bright light dimension where information comes easily and connections are made instantly. It is typically perceived as a timeless zone from where one can see all their lifetimes from a different perspective.


In this session, a client shared the story of an interesting occupation that she had on the other side. She was a teacher for the souls who wished to incarnate on planet Earth. The client described the teaching space as a massive hall which reminded a classroom. “I teach souls how to come here, to Planet Earth. I prepare them,” - said the client.

When we discussed what exactly the preparation was about, the client explained that her role was to give the students some tools of remembrance. “They have to remember their spiritual self. I teach them how to remember home.” She continued to explain that in the incarnation process some souls can get lost and forget who they are, so they need to have tools to remember and stay connected. “Some souls get on the same cycle and get born again without preparation. We are trying to change that.”

healing light

It became clear in the session that the planning process for the lifetime is very important. The beings on the other side became concerned that some souls were incarnating without planning, this is why a “rescue team” was created to help avoid this situation. “They need to wake up and be aware of the transitioning, so they don’t incarnate straight away”. The client explained that planning was important to have the full lifetime experience and progress quicker.

One of the most important messages of her teaching was to remember to connect to the water. She mentioned that we could do it by connecting to the ponds, to the seas and to the water around us. “The water has a cleansing power and this way we can hear the messages better. Water is the quickest way to connect at the moment, so is meditation, but not everybody wants to meditate.” The client also said that nature was very important and we can improve our connection when we are in nature.

pure water energy

When I asked the client about the form of her teaching, she gave an interesting reply. The information on the other side was delivered in the shape of geometry. The teacher was presenting geometric shapes and diagrams which contained messages for the students. The essence of the geometric shapes taught them how to connect to their own soul to help them stay in touch with their higher self on their journey on planet Earth. She also mentioned flowers and crystals as carriers of such energy.

“I have always done this teaching,” – said the client about her work. She described the other side as a timeless place where everything is limitless. This corresponded with the accounts of many other clients who felt the same when being there. Perhaps, the teaching is happening right now at this moment?

mandala geometry

I asked the client if somebody who is currently incarnated on Earth could attend her class too. She said no, but mentioned that everybody who was in her class were going to the Earth. “Very adventurous souls go to Earth, it is quite hard there,” – said the teacher.

Overally, the information in the session felt very supportive and reassuring. It gave the feeling of how much care and love we have from the beings on the other side and that it is important for us to stay connected to who we really are. There are plenty of opportunities to do that: meditation, energy work and nature. It feels like now is the right time to enhance our soul communication and develop our abilities to hear the messages in a clear way. And higher beings always support us on this journey.

Maria Zhuravleva

The author of "Seven Wonders of the Self"



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