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Energy of our feet: why is it so important?

I recently did a meditation where I focused on the energy of my legs and was sending love to them. Recently, I have been practicing spontaneous meditation – that is going into a direction that my intuition tells me to. This seems to work well and always touches the relevant aspects.

As I was transmitting love from my hands to my legs, I felt the words: “I honour you, my legs!” I felt that I should repeat these healing words to my legs and let them know how much I respect them. An image came into my mind of bright legs full of white light feeling confident and appreciated. So, I followed the inner vision and began to channel.

You need to honour your legs, I heard. Legs are a very important part of our life as they take us on a path where we are supposed to go. Legs and feet must feel loved and appreciated so then they can emanate confidence and complete their path.

Legs and feet can get unclean very easily, not just because of the physical dirtiness of the earth but also because of the psychic debris that gets attached to the ground. What people release from themselves, be it thoughts, emotions, particles, have a tendency to flow to the ground and surfaces, just like dust does. So in a way, the ground that we walk, sometimes collects lower energies that linger there.

At the same time, places like nature, green meadows and the flowers, have the opposite effect. They are healing for us. Nature purifies the energy and adjusts us to the natural flow, that is why it is so important to walk on it. It is also purifying for our legs and feet. I suggest walking in the places with flowers or imagining flowers growing near you in order to cleanse your feet.

Feet need cleaning. Not just the usual wash that we do every day, but a special bath that can help them to release the energies that they come in contact with. Many of these energies are reasons for illnesses that people are not aware of. When we step on the ground that is energetically not clean, it may affect our vessels, blood flow, create blockages, even skin disorders.

In order to clean from the psychic impurity, we can take feet baths one-two times per week. Plants and herbs can help to activate our healing powers and cleanse the feet internally. I was told that pepper baths are great for the feet to be cleansed. You can just put peppercorn to your feet bath and it will create a releasing effect.

Legs and feet are given to us to serve us on our journey. They are beautiful companions that are wading through challenges and mountains of our life existence helping us to complete our mission. We can assist our legs by giving love to them and looking after them energetically regularly.

With love,

Maria Zhuravleva


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