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How to let go of the phone addiction?

In the last 20 years our lives have changed a lot as we have welcomed a new friend into our everyday existence – a mobile phone. What before was considered to be luxury and only designed for special occasions, is now an everyday necessity, a sacred object without which we cannot fully communicate, express ourselves, pay our bills, take photographs, build our business and find simple solutions.

The mobile phone has literally occupied a space in our life like a living being, whether we like it or not.

In such circumstances, we may sometimes feel that perhaps we use it just a bit too much. Perhaps, one moment we feel like sitting in a garden and relaxing, but our hand is betrayingly stretching towards our mobile phone to check for exciting updates. Another moment we may wish to write a letter or a personal diary but somehow find ourselves checking news on social media instead. This may leave us in a state of a slight anxiety, impatience, insatiable appetite for new information and lack of self-refection.

This article is designed for those people who feel that they would like to lessen the time that they spend on a mobile phone and choose a more meaningful activity instead.

What happens to our energy when we are constantly holding a living device in our hand? First, our hand gets very used to this exciting energy and demands more and more of the same kind. Secondly, our mind becomes constantly stimulated by pictures, videos, new information and messages from friends, which always leaves us wanting for more. But what also occurs is that we create an energy presence in our bio-field which is constantly demanding our attention and interaction. Almost like a living being.

So, what happens then, when we don’t hold the phone in our hand after constant use? The energy of that invisible being (i.e. technology) is still living there on a subtle level! The absence of the phone creates an energy gap and it demands to be fulfilled by its physical twin (the phone). The craving may become so strong that we get out of control and reach out for the phone even if we don’t really need it at that moment. Is this really good for us?

After listening to the energy of the phone and the invisible gap that it creates, I came to the conclusion that there are certain things we can do to learn not to respond to the energy of the phone when not necessary and consciously choose other wonderful activities for ourselves.

1. You may choose to create a conscious space around yourself and simply ignore the phone when it is crying for your attention but you don’t need to use it. Take a deep breath and quietly say “no”. The more you are going to ignore the phone, the more power you will get inside of yourself to resist this temptation.

2. Keeping the phone in a certain dedicated place in the house may help to lessen the time you use it. If it doesn’t follow you into the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, but stays in one place, then using the phone will become more of an intention-based act and therefore will be less frequent.

3. You may wish to decide to use the phone on set times during the day, for example, check the emails at certain times, make arranged calls, give yourself dedicated time for social media limited to the amount you are ready to spend. This schedule will help you to become more disciplined and fulfil the free moments during the day with more self-satisfying activities, like meditation, reflection, painting, dancing, live conversations and so on.

4. This leads us to a point where we can choose to allow more natural and vibrant activities into our life on a daily basis. For example, we can do more dancing, yoga, cooking, writing our ideas, singing, gardening, playing with clay. There are so many wonderful things in the world waiting for us! This will help to shift the habit of scrolling the phone in the free time to doing what we really enjoy as soul beings.

5. Relaxation is so important. True relaxation. When you breathe deeply, feel your body and connect to your inner self. Being in your own energy will allow you to naturally detect any other energies that are trying to interfere with you and make a conscious choice whether you need to use them at this moment or not.

6. Quite a curious option would be to find a physical replacement to hold in your hand. For example, a fluffy toy, a healing crystal, an apple, a pen and paper or anything else that is pleasant to touch! Your hand will remember holding this new texture and will slowly replace the craving for the mobile phone.

7. If you feel like it, bring back the habit of writing with pen and paper. It is a beautiful activity which helps your energy to flow from the heart into the hand and into the paper. You will then be able to feel the energy of your creation on the paper and breathe it into yourself. This is several times more powerful than the energy of the screen.

8. Meet more people in real life. Look them into their eyes, touch their hands, connect through the hearts. Enjoy the natural energy as much as possible and you will find so much treasure and goodness in the simple acts like these.

9. Allow yourself to spend time in nature. Trees, plants, flowers, water, the Sun and the Earth – they all know how to connect to natural energy and they can be your guides on the healing process. Allow yourself to go and meet your elemental friends and they will naturally make you feel reluctant to overuse your phone.

10. Play more! Real games. Fun, hide and seek, board games, hand games, writing games, guessing games – anything that can inspire live human communication and the energy of joy and fun. This is a beautiful healing vibration that brings us all together!

There are many-many other points that we can mention here and, perhaps, you also could discover by yourself what helps you to stay connected to the real world. But the main question we can ask ourselves every moment of our life is: “What do I really feel like doing now?” And then listen to our heart.

Of course, saying all that, we understand that the majority of our contemporary interactions are built around mobile phones and we can’t always avoid using it. This is true and we respect that. However, maybe we can use these simple techniques to capture the precious moments of free time gifted to us by the Universe every day and fill them with the joy of self-exploration and connection with others. Isn’t it what truly makes our life beautiful?

With love and magical wishes,

Maria Zhuravleva


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