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Meeting your Spirit Guide

A spiritual regression can allow you to meet your Spirit Guide. This is a very important meeting when you feel love and care from your Spirit Guide and receive their wise guidance. The Spirit Guide looks after you day and night and they know what is best for you at this stage of your life. You can plan to meet the Spirit Guide or it can happen spontaneously during a regression as they come to give you a loving advice.

Who is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit Guide

The Spirit Guide is a non-physical being who is assigned to you to help you with your spiritual development. The Spirit Guide knows you very well and knows why you came to Earth this time. They want you to fulfill your soul purpose and assist you lovingly on your path whispering messages of wisdom in your heart.

Does everybody have a Spirit Guide?

Yes, we all have our Spirit Guides. And not only a #Spirit Guide but also a whole team of support on the other side. These loving non-physical being are looking after us and making sure we tread carefully on our chosen path. “You are not alone, we are always with you” - you can hear their encouraging words very often during a session. Interestingly, Spirit Guides can change each other throughout a person’s life as his soul enters new stages of development.

What happens when I meet a Spirit Guide?

During a session a person sees or feels an image of a Spirit #Guide. This is usually a very warm and light image emanating love and care. The Spirit Guide can take different appearances, as they choose a look which would appeal most to the person they look after. The most common appearance is a tall old man in white robes with long white hair. It is amazing that people of different age and backgrounds and different parts of the world see a similar image.

You can feel a strong sense of wisdom and power emanating from that being when they appear next to you. Then you can start a conversation with your spirit guide or listen to their divine guidance which carries an important message for your life now. It may be a strong message related to your life lessons at the time or just words of comfort said to bring you encouragement as you go on your path.

Sometimes a Spirit Guide can take an unusual appearance which they think would be the most appropriate at the point of life. For example, they may take the looks of an animal or a close relative. Once there was an interesting case when a Spirit Guide appeared as a mountain. On that occasion his message was “to feel safe and protected” at all times.

The Spirit Guide can remind the person of his lessons of this lifetime are and empower the individual to fulfill his life purpose. One of the most common messages from the Spirit Guide is “don’t be afraid”, “don’t doubt and walk your path”, “don’t’ listen to others, listen to your heart”, “keep moving”. These words can help bring him back to his chosen path and to remind us who we really are.

How do I know that this is my Spirit Guide?

Listen to your heart. What do you feel when you see the image of the Spirit Guide or sense his presence? Can you note a feeling of warmth and care? Can you feel the #energy of wisdom and power emanating from the Spirit Guide. All these attributes belong to our loving helpers on the other side.

Daily connection to the Spirit Guide

If you want to be in touch with your Spirit Guide, it is a good idea to remember about their presence daily and look for the messages in your heart. You Spirit Guide will be happy if you ask them for an advice and listen to his #guidance. Remember to look for your Spirit Guide in your heart, not your mind. In the heart there is wisdom and true connection.

Connecting to your Guide through meditation

It is also possible to connect to your spirit guide through #meditation. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed either sitting comfortably or lying down. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Then ask for your Spirit Guide to come. Let the first image form in your mind and feel the energy of your Spirit Guide. Trust that image and let it form by itself. Then stay open listen for any messages that your Spirit Guide might have for you. They might come as words, images or just feelings. Sometimes you might be able to read the messages just by looking into his eyes. Remember, you can also ask your Spirit Guide a question and wait for an answer.

Then take a couple of deep breaths and slowly bring your awareness back to your room. Feel your body and feel your surroundings and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Spirit Guides love connecting to us and giving us help!

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