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Positive Affirmations #1: Miracles

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Our life is full of miracles... Every breath is filled with energy of wonder and magic. Whether we realise it or not.

We shift between dimensions daily as we step into various aspects of our existence. Sometimes we can go very high and feel love, happiness, joy and uplifting energy. We then become closer to the energy of miracles and to our Higher Self. Other times we can go down and become upset in life followed by events that we don't resonate with. Then the energy can drop and become stagnant in our reality.

The energy changes every moment of our life. And we are the creators who have the power to change it.

Miracles are around us everywhere that we look. The birth of a child and start of a new life, the breath of the body and the function of dozens of organs, the blossoming of a flower in a spring time, smiles and laughter of people - these are all little miracles that surround us.

Synchronicities and magical happenings are also a manifestation of miracles on our path. When we feel that the energy is vibrating beautifully and things come to us naturally, almost like governed by some higher power - we are in the dimension of miracles. This dimension can be accessed by us when we put our energy to it.

Inviting miracles into your life is possible, you just need to allow this energy to enter your consciousness. You can do it by affirming that miracles come into your life, writing a list of positive things that happen to you, seeing miraculous happenings in everyday life and being grateful for all the presents of the Universe that you are given.

Here is a list of affirmations you can repeat to yourself in order to invite miracles into your life:

1. I am a Miracle.

2. I invite Miracles into my life now.

3. Miracles come to me easily.

4. I enjoy the vibration of Miracles.

5. I am vibrating in the consciousness of Miracles.

6. I see Miracles in everything around me.

7. I am a Miraculous being who can achieve anything in life.

8. Miracles surround me in everything that I do.

9. Miracles happen to me every moment.

10. I open the door to Miracles in my life.

These simple but powerful affirmations will invigorate you with uplifting energy and help you to invite wonderful miracles into your life.

Each time you read them, focus strongly on the energy and add a feeling of love and belief to your words. This will empower your practice to a higher level.

Feel how the energy of Miracles is already coming to you!

Lots of love and happiness

Maria Zhuravleva


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