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QHHT session: from Poverty to Abundance

He was standing on a pier looking at a small village. His clothes were ragged and his body was skinny and weak. “I am very hungry. I need to eat. But I can’t afford anything. So, I am just standing here looking at the market. I feel… very lonely!” – he burst into deep tears.

We got to know the man a little bit. He lived on his own in a small island which was linked to a village on the mainland. His hut was simple and all he had there were some objects he picked up from the sea, like seashells. He didn’t have much to do during the day as there was no work and he didn’t know anybody there. His life felt extremely lonely.

“I feel like it used to be different”, - he said reflecting on his existence, - “There used to be much more life in the island. We used to get together and dance. I had a boat and did fishing. This is how I got food. It is all gone now. Something happened and most of the people are gone. There is not even enough food there now.”

In one of the scenes the man saw a glimpse of his younger self – in a much better shape, with a good strong body and uplifted mood. He was watching the children play on the beach and felt very happy just by looking at them having fun. This was the past.

Now it seemed like some natural disaster had happened which had wiped out most of the life there. So boats would come to the main village with some food to sell, but the man couldn’t afford any of this. He felt very sad.

Nothing much changed throughout his life. He died about 50 years old, developing an illness he couldn’t help with as he had no access to treatment. He felt a relief straight after his death though. “I feel lighter. This life has been very hard. I feel much better now.”

When we got to the Subconscious, some interesting information started coming through. “He had to experience what it was like to be on his own. He had to learn to appreciate connections with others, but also appreciate his own energy.” The Subconscious explained that the lesson was to experience what it was like to be poor and have no money. Even that if this current life can be painful, it is nothing like the past life, so it is important to appreciate this special life now.

The most interesting message was about the energy of that past life and the abundance. “The energy of that man is still with her in this life, - said the Subconscious, - so this heavy frequency is impeding from experiencing complete abundance. She is supposed to be very abundant in this life. It was meant to be the opposite of this past life. She has to let go of that low-vibrational frequency that she carried on.”

The Subconscious worked on the heart and helped the young lady to let go of this energy. “She has to realise that she is not that anymore. It was a temporary experience,” - explained the higher power, while washing the heart in beautiful white light. With every moment, the energy was getting lighter and lighter and the room filled in with powerful healing frequency.

In a beautiful way, the Subconscious explained that love and abundance were the same thing. "They are not separate; they are the same energy. When she feels love, she feels abundance. In that past life he didn’t have love and he wasn’t abundant. In this life it is different. She has a lot of love in this life and if she realises that they are the same, then, when she feels love, she will feel abundant. This is how she will heal the loneliness and energy from that past life.”

This QHHT session felt very powerful and the healing energy was strongly present. The Subconscious did some more healing on various parts of the body, using always the high-frequency light. It was recommended to the young lady to always listen to her intuition and tell her truth even if it may be uncomfortable for other people. “When you say your truth, you are helping other people, as they may learn something from it. And you will feel better energetically. Don’t be afraid to express your own truth. We will give you a feeling in your body if you don’t.”

Perhaps, we could all listen to the wise words of the Subconscious and trust that the love energy is the most important one in the world. If love is abundance, then we can create and manifest more for ourselves by feeling love in our heart. It is something that we all deserve and can be open to.

Thank you for this beautiful message, the Subconscious!

Maria Zhuravleva


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