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The Power of our Hands

Each human being is gifted with wonderful powers when we come to live on Earth. We have beautiful eyes that perceive the world, we have a loving #heart that can receive and share love, we have hands that help us to touch and feel reality.

Hand Power

Our hands have incredible power. They help us to connect, create, communicate and receive messages. Our hands emanate strong #energy as they have chakra points in the middle of the palms.

Energy is the primary way of communication that is taking place all the time. Every time we touch an object, its energy goes through our hands and reaches our #consciousness. We become aware of the energy of the object.

Every time we touch something with our hands we also give it our own energy. This way we can uplift somebody with our hands, bring light to a space and heal our body with our light.

Our hands are constantly exchanging information with the outer world and they are extremely accurate in their perception. This communication is based on a feeling and #intuition and is directly related to our heart. Through hands we can get to the real core of the energy.

One of the most powerful abilities of the hands is communicating to people through energy. Every time we touch somebody’s hand, we exchange intuitive information on a deep telepathic level. We understand, we see, we share – without the need to say or explain anything.

Through my work I found that it is possible to connect to the hands' energy and receive messages for the person from higher realms. In the moment when you touch someone’s hand, your energies connect and bring you awareness and clarity about the situation. They also bring you solace, peace and #love as the energy of the hand is directly related to the heart.

Here is a little exercise you can do to connect to someone with the hands:

Hand Communication Exercise

1. Sit next to each other in a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths, close your eyes and relax completely.

2. Take each other by the hand so that the middle of your palms face each other. Keep breathing deeply while you are feeling the energy starting to run between your hands. Allow the breath to take you deeper while you connect to the true essence of another person.

3. Send love and light through your hand to the other person. Imagine a beautiful current of light is travelling from one hand to the other. Observe how it is happening and enjoy the healing energy enveloping both of you.

4. Bless the person with your energy and send your light. Express your love and gratitude for this experience and for them being in your life.

5. Gently release the hands and come back to your normal position. Stay with your eyes closed for a moment feeling the energy of this beautiful experience.

6. When you are ready, open your eyes and share your experience if you like.

This is a simple but incredibly powerful exercise which will help you to connect with people in your life on a much deeper level of heart and energy.

Every time you do this exercise, you will feel lighter and focus more on love, warmth and mutual understanding.

When we communicate on the level of the energy our life changes. Suddenly we are able to perceive so much more, beyond appearances, beyond concepts, just on the level of feeling and knowing. We grow with every experience of this kind and step into a new dimension of healing and loving.

Find more information about hand reading here:

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