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The Underwater City - QHHT session

This drawing was given to me recently by one client who had a past life regression session with me a while ago. She said: “I finally drew the scene I saw in the regression session. Remember the round square in the underwater city?”

And my memory struck back. It was indeed one of the most beautiful regression stories I’ve seen because of a very unusual setting.

When she went to a past life, she saw herself as a beautiful being with long red hair and long limbs. Her body seemed elongated and quite unusual. The being lived under water and could breathe freely.

-What is the place like? – I asked.

“We have a very beautiful city with many small houses of emerald and golden colour. All is done in a very talented way. There is the main square, it is of a round shape. With 18 white marble columns in it. In the middle there is an Opal, it has a very special energy and light.”

She told me that her job was to be a librarian and that she would swim to different places underwater in order to find scrolls. The scrolls were about magic, healing and ancient rituals to call upon power. She would bring those scrolls to the library, a round room (everything in that city seemed round), where they would be arranged in a particular order so that other beings from the city could come and read them.

A very unusual thing was that she said she could read with her hand and her face just by touching the scroll. What a great power! I believe we have this power too.

Living in an underwater city involved lots of swimming, hence they had the long fingers and the body. To swim to distant places they used little colourful beings like dolphins. Dolphins were their good friends and helpers, beings of high level of consciousness and understanding.

In the city there lived also the Elders. Ancient beings who lived up to 5000 years and carried the old knowledge of the ancient times. The Elders held special rituals, they would swim to the surface to sing to the Moon once a year – a beautiful ritual to say Thank you to the Moon as they believed she was their Mother. They also had special powers to collect energy and use it when necessary. The Elders were very respected in the city.

In the times when there was a war in the city the Elders saved the place by summoning the energy by the power of mind and keeping the place safe in the light dome of energy. A powerful way to ward off the invaders.

This was a very unusual regression which described a life in another time frame which happened a long time ago. Something very important strikes me in these type of regressions as it seems to me the old knowledge is coming back now. The powerful ways to heal, telepathic abilities, the way of living in an understanding and loving consciousness, – all this seems possible to come back to if we remember the old knowledge and develop the powerful skills that we all have.

In the end of the session The Subconscious said the lesson of that life was to learn to give and share. “You have to share your knowledge and don’t expect anything in return. In that life you shared abundantly and you received abundantly. This is how it works. You always need to share and give.”

Thank you!

Maria Zhuravleva


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