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QHHT session: Crystal Teacher from Pyramid Planet

The first thing that the client saw was a pyramid with a flat surface and an eye of Horus painted on it. It felt like a quiet inviting place near the sea. “It is not Earth. The pyramid is like a communication device, through which you can mentally connect to any place in the Universe.” Looking around, one could see different beings, some in a human body, some in an energy form. Some creatures were particularly peculiar, with a human body and a dog’s head, others were birds of wisdom, like owls and eagles.


When we spoke about the planet itself, it was described as a school for all Universes, a place of knowledge. Various teachers would come there for guidance, energy and assignments. “I am a teacher. We all do the same job, help in different planets and travel using the pyramid. My job is to teach people how to connect to themselves and how to evolve,” – said the client, who described herself as a man, wearing white robes and some crystals.

The pyramid seemed to be a powerful place. It was connected to the core of the planet and to the water. “I come here for charging before I go anywhere else. Here I remember more knowledge and what I need to do.” The man explained that only the right people could use the pyramid, the ones with pure energy and knowledge how to use it, otherwise it could be misused.

Interestingly, it turned out that the man was a crystal teacher. His job was to connect to crystals and heal with them. He explained that he needed to find a crystal and feel it, then the crystal would show him the information and give healing energy. The crystal would also show what needed to be taught to other people.


The teacher would travel to different planets to do his job. His purpose was to help other people to evolve, by being there or placing some crystals around the area. In one such place, he described local people as being sad because they lost their purpose. He had to help them to restore their connection. “They don’t know that I am helping them. But they need to find their purpose and have a happy life. They are not ready yet to know more.”

When I asked the teacher how it felt to do his job, he responded that it felt lonely. “Not many of us go to the same planet and sometimes the planet is too big and we are spread out. We can connect and help each other when it is needed, but generally I am on my own and it feels quite lonely.”

I was curious to know how the travelling to other planets happened. The man explained that the pyramid would tell him where to go. “You travel through space. Your body turns into energy and you can go anywhere in the Universe. You feel a call and that’s it.” He went on to say that he would sometimes keep his own body and at other times take another form, like a dolphin or a dragon. He said it was common to take a body of a water creature and help people this way by connecting to the planet and crystals and spreading this energy, without them knowing.

Time travel

When we spoke about the purpose of his work, it was said that the reason for it was the return of the old knowledge. He said that the knowledge was hacked by dark forces and now it was time for people to learn to use it again. The teacher said that many different planets went through the same process at their own time.

Then the most beautiful message came from the crystal teacher: “Anything in the Universe is a crystal. We are all made of the same elements as the crystal, we are just different shapes, but ultimately we are crystals. We are very connected to the planet. That’s what you can’t lose. If you don’t know that you are a crystal, you don’t know who you are.”

The teacher mentioned that the people on our planet didn’t know that all the knowledge was there. “They look at crystals as dead things, like a piece of rock. This is why they are so lost.” He described our planet as difficult as people were too busy and they didn’t pay attention to their feelings. “Going inside is like a waste of time. But you won’t find happiness any other way.”


I asked the teacher for some advice for people now. He said that we needed to find a crystal within ourselves. We need to be courageous and look within and want to evolve. “We are all crystals and all the knowledge is in them. You need to have a connection within you.”

This was a very special regression with a powerful message. It flowed so beautifully and each word made perfect sense. If we were to connect to crystals within us, perhaps our world would change? There is a lot to learn from the crystal teacher and this message is eternal.

Maria Zhuravleva

QHHT practitioner, author of "Seven Wonders of the Self"

Seven Wonders of the Self Maria Zhuravleva


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