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Water in the Desert: Session Story

“Like water washes the dry land, the warmth of the heart heals the body,” said the Subconscious in one of the recent sessions.

Another journey through time and space with Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a method discovered by Dolores Cannon that allows profound healing and guidance from the Subconscious, showed an incredible story of man who found that gratitude and trust is the key to all.

He saw himself in a dry land where all the life was gone. There were old buildings around but no people and it seemed that the place had been desolate for a while. “Empty.. I feel empty.. Sad, - he whispered, - But I feel like I lived here before and it used to be different.”

I asked him to go back in time to the moment when things were different as in a past life regression we can move through time and space to find the key moments in that life.

And just like magic it happened, in a moment he was there.

“Yes, there is life.. It is busy.. It is a market, there are people around.” The more we were looking into the scene, the more details came through as he suddenly saw himself as a tall man with a distinctive face and piercing eyes. “I am a scientist.. I am very passionate about my work. I feel I am working on an experiment with energies.”

But something kept stopping us from enjoying the scene as there was a feeling of emanating catastrophe. “Something happened to this city.. The water.. It was gone! There was an experiment, the grid was created to use the energies and it took all the water away from the atmosphere.”

We kept wondering what happened and asking questions until it came clearly. “I did the experiment. Oh my God, what have I done! It destroyed the whole place. What a fiasco.”

It turned out that he was an obsessed scientist who wanted to create a new way of using energy. All his life he devoted to this work and he didn’t want to know anything else apart from his passion. He worked on it persistently all the time without realising that one day it would wash away the whole city.

“I should have known better,” – he was saying on the last day of his life dying out of thirst, - “My experiment went wrong. I was so sure of myself! Not only I destroyed my life but also the life of others. This is the end.”

When we came to the level of the Subconscious, interesting details and explanation followed as it often happens. “It was a lesson to trust. He had to learn that he didn’t need to control things and use the power but rather trust. When you focus the energy too much, you lose the trust in the Universe and things can go wrong. This habit was formed in him many lifetimes ago when he started using the power instead of trust.”

We wanted to bring him healing on a physical level so we asked the Subconscious what would be the best way to do it. “We need to start with the warmth of the heart. It is like the water in the dry land. We are giving it now and first the water won’t get absorbed into the earth of the body as it is too dry. But we will give more and it will start the healing in the body.”

The Subconscious was giving healing to the body in the form of the warmth of the heart – a channel that activated the healing in other parts of the body. Suddenly he exclaimed with a big smile: “Gratitude! Gratitude is the key. There is no point trying to find the cause of the problem and release the block as it sometimes goes many lifetimes back and there is no end to this discovery. The key is to feel GRATEFUL to this block that has been showing you what you needed to work on. The block has been there for a reason, on the one hand it was giving you pain, on the other showing you the way. Without it you wouldn’t know. So the only way to release it is to understand and feel Grateful.”

There was a beautiful healing energy in the room. The Subconscious gave plenty of advice and spread the energy of Gratitude and Warmth through the body assuring that trust is the way. It was a wonderful experience showing how simple things are and that the most powerful energies of healing are within us.

Thank you for this revelation!

Maria Zhuravleva


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