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Reading the messages of energy around us

The truth is – energy is all that there is. Every single thing around us is made of energy: the objects, the trees, the houses, the earth, even the sounds and the thoughts – they are also vibrating at a certain frequency.

When we learn how to decipher the messages of the energy, we become very good listeners. We become friends with the Universe and can receive its guidance directly, through the vibrations of the world around us.

This is very easy to do. We need to start paying attention to the energy of everything that surrounds us. For example, when we wake up in the morning, we listen to the energy of the day and feel what we would like to include on the day. Is the energy of the park calling us to unite with it? Is the energy of a certain friend attracting our attention? Does our body tell us that it needs some rest today? These sensations will be able to answer your questions as to how to spend your time in a valuable way.

How do these sensations show themselves?

1. Feeling extremely drawn to reading something.

You may be looking at your table and seeing a paper that attracts you a lot. It could be an old letter from a friend, a photograph, some of your writing or anything else. You feel very drawn to it and you want to read it. If you listen to this feeling, you will respond to the energy that is calling you and this will guide you forward on your journey. Maybe it has an important reminder for you or a sign that something is requiring your action.

Energy reading

2. Feeling that a relationship has exhausted itself energetically.

You may have had a friend for a long time and you used to get on very well. At a certain time of your life, you were sharing common interests and knowledge. You may now be feeling that the energy of your relationship doesn’t bring you the right vibration. It could be a sense of emptiness, feeling down, feeling like you are missing something and so on. Perhaps the energy is telling you to move on or reduce the amount of time spent with this person. You can always do it lovingly and with respect towards your relationship.

3. A country is attracting you for an unknown reason.

You may have never been there but every time you are hearing about this country, you get goosebumps or an irresistible sensation to go there. It could be an unexplained feeling but “there is something telling you” that you need to experience it. The energy of the place is calling you and is creating an invisible energy bond between you and this country, to which your vibration is responding. You may be needed in this place to share your own energy or your soul may wish to see something that is there just for you.

Energy reading

4. You are craving a certain colour.

Every time you pass by a clothes shop, you feel connected to the yellow dress in the window. It is attracting you and making you feel like it wants to be a part of your life. You may not be able to explain it but when you wear yellow, you feel better and the day is flowing beautifully. The Universe is trying to add the energy of yellow into your vibration because it knows exactly what you need at this moment. If you listen to your inner colour calling, you can help your body and your emotions to heal this way.

Energy reading

5. You keep thinking about writing a story.

One day you were relaxing in a nice place and suddenly an idea of a story came to you. It felt like an inspiration, like a sudden glow inside of you, and you had a desire to write it. Then you thought maybe it wasn’t the right moment or you weren’t ready for it. Maybe you didn’t know how to start. But that feeling of the connection to the story is alive in you and is reminding you that you want to do it. This is how the Universe is telling you what to do next and is asking you to follow your intuition instead of the doubts. Just go for it and see what happens.

These are some of the examples of how the energy is talking to us. In reality, these messages come through to us all the time, we just sometimes don’t notice them. We are, in fact, living in big energy field which is a continuous answer to our questions. It talks, it vibrates, it guides us. The reality around us reflects our own consciousness which is presented in millions of little details, seemingly separate from each other.

How to listen to these messages in an easier way? I would recommend to turn on your energetic powers and to perceive the world from the point of view of vibrations. Lessen the concepts and labels in your head by not believing that what you see is what you have been taught, but rather listen to your own feeling that comes from being in contact with each object in your reality.

Try and understand the feeling that appears: is it magnetic, is it uplifting, is it calming, is it lowering your energy, is it distracting you? And then make a choice depending on what is the best for your energy now.

If you wish to know more about energy sensing, you can come to Maria’s classes, or read about it in her book "Seven Wonders of the Self".

Seven Wonders of the Self by Maria Zhuravleva


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