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Flying in a dream - a symbol of freedom?

Many people experience flying in their dreams at least once in their life. Most often this kind of a dream is accompanied by a very pleasant feeling of freedom and lightness. Indeed, what can be more enjoyable and miraculous than taking your feet off the ground and soaring effortlessly in the vast blue sky? Even if it is all happening in a dream.

The curious nature of flying in a dream has been puzzling humanity for many centuries. In some cultures, such dreams are associated with gaining life energy and vitality, in others they are even connected with the growth of the body, particularly in young people.

But what does flying in a dream really mean? If we set aside the thinking mind, we can ask ourselves a simple question: what do we actually feel when we are flying in a dream? This question can lead us to many interesting discoveries.

Such as that the energy that comes in a dream has a specific vibration which is connected to the personal message given to us. This energy provides us with the key of understanding the meaning of a particular dream, which may differ from one person to another. The beauty of interpreting the dreams yourself is that you can very accurately understand the meaning of the dream if you tune in to how you feel about it and what it reminds you of in your life.

Let us have a look at some of the common sensations of dreaming about flying:

  • Feeling of complete freedom and liberation

Flying in a dream gives us a unique feeling of doing something that we can never do in waking life: floating freely in the sky. This kind of freedom is inherent to our spirit that is used to travelling between dimensions and lives, but is easily forgotten once we are on the planet Earth. So, experiencing this liberating feeling again brings us back the connection with our soul which is something that we deeply yearn for inside.

  • Freedom of choice

When we are flying in a dream, we are free to choose wherever and whenever we want to go. This is a kind of an ability that we also crave for as so many times we feel restricted in our life. Situations and people give us the illusion that we are constrained in our choice and we forget our ability to fly again. In a dream though we become our own automated pilots, we make our own decisions and don’t depend on anyone else. This feeling alone gives us a boost of joy and an ecstatic realisation that we are free.

  • Feeling of extreme bliss and excitement

The act of flying comes so fantasy-like to our daily routine mind, that when we experience it, we feel extreme happiness. We sense that something otherworldly has happened and we can raise above our usual self in an instant. The beautiful moment when we allow ourselves to be free reflects a deep desire of the soul to grant this permission to ourselves.

  • “I know I can fly!”

The sudden realisation that we can do something that we have completely forgotten about feels magical. It is like a special power which we used to know in the past but then forgot how to use it. Who doesn’t dream of being in a fairy-tale and having magical abilities? This is a great metaphor for our daily life: the realisation that we have limitless inner power to create whatever we like in our reality.

These are the generic feelings that associate with the dreams of flying. Of course, every such feeling can be tailored to your own sensations and experiences in a dream. The best thing to do is to listen to your sensations first thing in the morning and write them down. This way you will have a fresh and accurate perception of what has been shown to you in your dream.

After you have identified these feelings, you can ask yourself: “Where in my life do I experience a similar sensation? What does this feeling remind me of in my life?” And then listen to your intuition and make relevant connections with your own experiences in life.

Perhaps when you start feeling creative and allow your inner self to express freely, you have similar sensations? Maybe when you let go of the past and enjoy the beauty of the moment, you begin to feel free just like in these dreams? Or maybe when you leave the distractions of the physical world and start doing what your soul really wants you to do, you feel the flying bliss?

The answer will come naturally and will feel right. It is usually the first sensation that you receive, you just need to trust it and let it speak out. It is very possible that your soul wants to communicate with you and would like you to allow yourself more freedom. It wants to show you that everything is possible and the limitations are only an illusion that you can fly above.

Dreams with flying are here to remind us of our great freedom and the ability to create life just as we wish. They serve as a kind prompt by our inner self to set on the path of listening to our feelings and desires, releasing the limitations of the mind. This shows a great lesson of independence and abundant creation that we always have in our heart but are sometimes afraid to look at and use.

We can fly in our life even when we are walking. It is all about how we feel inside of us.

Maria Zhuravleva


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