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Meeting the Trees of Hyde Park

I had a calling to go to the park yesterday and talk to some trees. I have been doing this work for a while and every time I communicate with a tree I receive something precious...Sometimes it is an uplifting word, sometimes it is healing energy, sometimes it is just peace and quiet. #trees

So yesterday I chose five different trees to talk to or rather these trees have chosen me. When you talk to a tree, you follow an inner calling, or a feeling that you need to do it. You can then look at a tree connecting with its energy, touch the tree with your hand and receive the messages with your heart. #energy

Here is what I got. First I shared my impressions from just looking and connecting to the tree and then what I felt when I touched it.

Tree №1 The Grounded Maple

This tree has a very grounded strong masculine energy which supports you whenever you need it. It gives you a feeling of self-worth, inner strength, a knowing that you deserve things. You can rely on this tree and as it becomes your friend, you realise that you can rely on yourself too. A very uplifting energy. "Everything is going to be fine."

Message: "Choose a tree as your friend. You need a friend like us. Somebody who can listen, somebody whom you can rely on in every moment of your life. Just stand and relax your back on me and I will give you stability. Let our hearts unite in their pumping and our #breath connect.

Tree №2 The Sad Giant

This is an old tree. It has seen some pain, been through a lot of experiences. It has a lot of patience and a lot of kindness to humanity. It is almost like through its experiences it has learnt how to give, how to be kind even if you don't receive enough yourself. This tree offers a very gentle compassionate look and it is ready to listen to you and soothe you. It will understand you.

Message: As I touched the tree I felt it needed help. So I started giving it energy. I gave it #Reiki and love and I was delivering it a message that: "Everything is going to be alright." At that moment a young girl came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I said I was talking to a tree. The girl replied that she usually used drugs to feel like that. She seemed sad. I said: "You don't need drugs as the tree will naturally provide you with all the energy you need." We then stood for some time receiving energy of the tree.

Maybe the Unknown Giant has called the girl so we could connect? #Nature is so wise...

Tree №3 The Kind Plane

This tree has many Universes in it. It is very kind and very generous. It teaches us expansion. When you look at this tree, you become warm again and you spread out energetically vast and far. The tree doesn't give away all of its secrets and it stands quite mysterious in the park. It also has a bit of a sense of humour.

Message: This tree is your dear friend. It gives you this feeling instantly when you touch it. It is a very loyal friend. He is there. He gives you confidence and strength in your heart. If you need a friend, come to this tree. A very stable energy. You are not alone.

Tree #4 The Loving Plane

I immediately feel a lot of love and warmth from this tree. There is also a sense of recognition coming from it as though it knows me very well. It is a soft feminine energy. My heart is warming up and melting as I look at this tree. My body relaxes and tranquilises. I feel this tree is teaching us #love.

Message: It is a very touching tree. It has a lot of love, extremely powerful love. A love that can remove all the obstacles if you just focus on it. This tree opens your #heart. It allows you to come back to your heart centre and see everything from the perspective of love. This in itself melts you down at once and releases your worries and thoughts. A very #healing tree.

Tree #5 The Friendly Plane

This is a very friendly masculine tree. He is smiling. He is very bright and likes to uplift you with its smile. It is a very positive tree full of optimism. It says: "Keep on! Do what you are doing. Don't give up!" It is like a good mate, somebody who cheers you up. I feel like smiling when I look at this tree.

Message: When I touched the tree, I felt sadness... A very deep sadness and a lump in my throat. How strange. The tree seemed so positive when I looked at it. But now I feel it deeper and it seems that it has experiences some loss and pain in the past. Maybe that's why it learnt to be cheerful and uplift others.

"I am sorry," - I said to the tree and gave it a big hug.

Together we fell very deep and experienced the sadness of the tree together. I felt extreme compassion for the tree and just kept saying: "I am sorry. I am sorry." I felt that it was very important to be on the same level as the tree to understand it. We then started to elevate through the darkness, from the deep chasm into the light, up and up. And as we do it, we begin to feel more light and more uplifted together. I have never experienced this feeling before. Go deep down and then up to the light.

I gave the tree a last look when I was leaving. It felt like something happened between us and now we understand each other better. "I will remember you," - said the tree.

"I will remember you too," - I said and left the park feeling uplfited and inspired.

The trees have taught me a lot!

If you would like to explore the trees and their energy, have a look at our Nature Walks.

With love and gratitude,

Maria Zhuravleva


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