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The Subconscious heals the Heart

Every QHHT session is like a note in a beautiful musical piece, you learn so much from it and you enjoy expanding your consciousness discovering the wise words of the Subconscious.

The Subconscious is the main power that does the healing in the session, it is also the power that knows the person very well and can give gentle guidance for them. Recently it is coming up more and more in sessions that the Heart is the most powerful instrument for healing.

In one such sessions a young man received important revelations from past lives and healing from the Subconscious through the heart. It was a special session of a very high energy and often you can feel how the vibration rises in the room when the Subconscious starts to heal.

The young man experienced several past lives gently moving from one to another receiving important messages. From a scene in his childhood to a past life in ancient times caring about his family, we went through different valuable scenes that could give us a clue and healing. The most notable one was a past life of a soldier during the war who was traumatised in the face of the tragic events and eventually died during an explosion.

The main questions of the young man was to receive healing for his body, he wanted to know why he couldn’t hear in one ear from his childhood and also how to improve his eye-sight. He was also interested in exploring his gifts for healing and psychic connection as he felt very drawn to it at the moment.

The Subconscious gave valuable clues and advice during the session accompanied by the high energy of healing. Notably, it explained that the lack of hearing and eye-sight came from the big explosion that happened to be on the side of the ear and it was too traumatic for the soldier in the past. We worked on releasing the memory from the past trauma and healing the ears and the eyes with the energy. The Subconscious spread high healing energy through the ears bringing the tuning of special vibrations in the ear so it could recognise it.

The Subconscious said that they could partially return the hearing and improve the eye-sight as they kept working with the very high energy during the session. They stressed that he needed to continue working on his own as well bringing the energy of his hands to his eyes and ears. They said that he was a wonderful healer and his path was to give healing to other people, both in the presence and distantly.

What was fascinating is that the Subconscious guided the young man to use his own healing powers during the session as he was moving his hands and sharing energy with himself. There was an incredible rise of energy in the space as the Subconscious was helping him to “bring the energy of the Heart to the Head”. This information is repeating in many sessions, that we need to focus on the love in our heart and direct this energy for healing in the body.

There was an interesting moment in the session when the Subconscious explained why the young man felt lonely in his earlier life. They said that he felt that his parents were distant and didn’t give him enough attention. However the Subconscious showed a memorable picture to him, portraying the layers of love that he had always had around his body. “You always carry the love of other people. Look at these beautiful pink layers around your aura. This is the love of your family. Even if they are far away, their love can stretch and it is with you. This love keeps you going.”

It was a beautiful session of uplifting healing energy and inspiration. It feels that the Subconscious is now helping us to move into the realm of our Heart and allow us to start using our own abilities to heal. We need to spend tome focusing on our heart, opening its energy and then moving it around the body like water in the sacred earth. Our cells and emotions are open to healing from this love and warmth.

With love and inspiration,

Maria Zhuravleva


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