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Tips for Perfect Manifestation for Next Year

It is this time of the year when we are getting our powers ready for the year ahead. The energies are rising and uniting together to bring our perfect desires into reality.

Many of us already know what manifestation techniques are the best for creating our reality and, yet, many times we see that some wishes get manifested with ease and some take quite a while.

In this article you will read about the main tips that can help accelerate your manifestation process for next year.


1.    Believe in the power of your dream

This sounds pretty obvious, however it is not always that we put enough belief into our manifestation process. Belief is an energy, it is a certain vibration which is characterised by a strong power, motion and a directed intention. You can imagine that belief is like a fuel that will help to make your dream come true.

In order to access the energy of belief, you can spend some time meditating on it before you engage in a manifestation process. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and imagine the energy of belief entering your body, going from the top down. Imagine that belief is a very natural quality of yours and sit with this reassuring vibration for some time. This will help to magentise your wishes to you and create a solid base for them to be manifested.


2.    Create a big Drawing for next year

I believe very strongly in the power of drawings. On numerous occasions the drawings that I made have manifested into my reality, sometimes when I completely forgot that I had created them in the first place. Drawing is a very playful way of manifesting your wishes and, as we know, the Universe loves fun and jolly energy. It serves like a point of attraction for all the magic to come your way.

See a full demonstration of this exercise here:

For the purpose of manifestation, take a large piece of paper and some colourful pens. Meditate for some time on the empty paper and connect to the energy of your wishes. You may get a clearer idea of what you want at this point. Then start creating the energy for next year, following the intuitive movement of your hand. Let the stroke of your pen show you which shapes, colours and frequencies you would like to include in the year to come. At the end of the practice, you can use your pen to physically connect all your wishes in one, for example, with yellow or pink light. This will help to manifest your desires in a quicker and more united way.

3.    Write an extensive Manifestation List

Manifestation lists are a wonderful way to bring our wishes to fruition. Sometimes the Universe just needs a very clear indication of what we want and a detailed list is a perfect opportunity to show the Universe our wishes! This practice may take some time, so be patient and choose a moment when you won’t be disturbed.

You can write your wishes on several pieces of paper, devoting a considerable space to each theme of your life, for example, health, love, work, travel, family, abundance and so on. You can write about how you see your love life in the next year, giving the Universe all the details of what you would like it to be. Make sure that you write the list in the present tense and put many uplifting kind words there. This will help to give your wishes more power.

Write as much as you can and really allow your intuition to take over at this point. Imagine that you are painting a picture of your future life and you are describing it in the best possible way. When you finish the writing, charge the papers with your hands and put the manifestation list in a magical place, for example, a special drawer or inside of your wardrobe, to help it unite with your personal energy.

4.    Repeat High Frequency words every day

As we know, words are very important and they carry a certain energy. Many of the words that we say during the day are produced without a conscious awareness and are just part of our habitual thinking. Imagine if we were to take all these words and turn them into magical phrases? Our reality would change in an unprecedented way!

Make a habit of including lots of high energy loving words into every day of your life, even if they sound out of place or not real. If you repeat them often enough, they will surely become a part of your reality. For example, you can wake up and begin your day by saying: “This is the best day of my life!”, “I am such a happy person!”, “The Universe is treating me like a King!” You can create these magical phrases yourself, depending on what energy appeals the most to you.

Here are some uplifting affirmations to manifest your wishes next year:

Then, as you are walking in the street during the day, keep saying these special words to yourself. Imagine that you don’t notice anything that distracts your energy, and instead you are placing a miraculous flow of magic into everything that you see. Repeat to yourself: “The most magical year is coming to me now”, “I am the luckiest person in the Universe”, “My energy is beaming with light.” You will notice how your energy will instantly change and attract miraculous happenings to you during the day.

5.    Invite High Vibrational energy into your life

This is the best trick for manifestation practice. Whatever you do, in every moment of your life, make it magical. Imagine that this is not a just routine task, but a brilliant opportunity to include the highest frequency possible into your life. For example, when you are cleaning your room, you can imagine that you are pouring light into your space and enchanting it with magical energy. When you are talking to a friend, you can choose to say a beautiful compliment in a singing way to uplift their energy and make them feel wonderful. When you are having a shower, you can dance with the water and imagine that it is made of colourful lights that are bringing luck to you, just by touching your body.

In other words, dance your way through the day, making it as much fun as possible. If you feel that some activity is irritating or boring, try not to give it too much energy and then pass on to another one of a higher vibration. Of course, we can’t change some of the things that we have to do, but we can change the energy that we put into them. Dance and sing through your day, as if you are living the best day of your life.

The Universe will pick up your playful vibration and will be delighted to interact with you and help you to manifest your dreams.

We are the Creators of our life. We creating every new page literally every second of our existence. So many of these intricate energies unite together and bring us the fabric of our reality. We do have a big input into what we are experiencing and, fortunately, our awareness is now growing day by day to make sure we manifest a beautiful life for ourselves.

A simple question to remember. Ask yourself:

Does it feel uplifting to you? Then have more of it!

Does it feel heavy? Then try to move away from it!

And let’s see what the Universe will show to us this way. 😊

Maria Zhuravleva

The author of the book "Seven Wonders of the Self"


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