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Staying in the vibration of Miracles daily

One of the most beautiful gifts that the Universe has provided for us is the vibration of Miracles. Not everybody realises the potential that we have if we access this golden energy which is kept deep within us.

The energy of Miracles has a very high uplifting purifying frequency which can indeed perform magic in our lives. Together with miracles we can heal, we can access our full potential, we can make each other happy, we can witness magical changes in our reality. All that… with a flick of a finger… or with a move of a hand energy.

In this article I will share with you my favourite tips for keeping the vibration of Miracles in your everyday life. The word “keeping” is important as this precious frequency tends to be forgotten in the day full of active planning, rush and worry. Miracles are the opposite to analysis and strategy – they are simply a playful way of life. Like a dance of energy.

You can follow these simple steps to bring miracle energy into your life:

1. Wake up with a feeling of Miracles

How we wake up is very important. To be more exact, what energy we wake up in. There is a choice first thing in the morning: what do we decide to think about? Is it the problems and worries of the day? Or is it the happiness of our existence on Planet Earth? We have a choice and it is essential to use it.

When you wake up in the morning, try and not think about your concerns or plans for the day. Begin connecting to the Energy of Miracles and invite them into your room. Simply by thinking about them. They will be there just as you project them into your space. You can do it by imagining magical colours appearing around you, by feeling the love in your heart and channeling it into your space, by claiming with magical words that “I am a Miracle”. Whatever suits you – use it and you will literally change the frequency of your day!

2. Repeat Miracle Affirmations

The world is quite familiar with the concept of positive affirmations already, however, we are probably not accessing its full potential yet! There is much more in the power of our words, especially combined with magical energy of our hands.

You can include Miracle Affirmations (see example) in your daily practice, when you do simple activities, like taking a shower, cooking, walking in the street or just relaxing on a sofa. This is a beautiful way of filling in your time with precious golden energy which will in turn create incredible magic for you.

3. Dance with Miracles

This is my absolute favourite. It may seem a bit strange to you in the beginning, but, believe me, if you give this technique a chance, it will blow your mind. Dancing is great for improving our blood flow and bringing happy energy to our body. But Dancing coupled with Healing Energy can really perform miracles!

Start moving your body and affirming that you are a Miracle. Let the energy of the words just flow through yourself, without any effort or doubt. Move your body the way it tells you and just follow the words intuitively. Use your hands actively and imagine that they are holding a miraculous vibration. I am so happy for you just imagining how you do it! 😊

4. Speak Miracles

How we speak to ourselves and other people is very important. Do we say the words that we want to hear or do we just repeat what we learnt a long time ago? Could be a bit of both. This, however, is possible to shift, and we can enter a whole new dimension of Magic in our head.

Imagine that your heart and your throat are a miraculous machine of Miracles.😊 Visualise beautiful golden light emanating from your throat chakra every time that you speak and think… What would you say that could remind you and others of miracles? What sounds can you produce that would elevate the frequency of the world?

As an example, you can say: “What a miraculous day!”, “I am feeling incredible today!”, “I am so blessed”, “You are beautiful!”, “I love you!”, “You look so wonderful today!”, “Thank you for everything that you do!” And the list goes on as the energy of Miracles is eternal in our life.

Don’t forget to add the feeling of magic to your words and say them looking straight into the person’s eyes and connecting to their heart. This way they will experience true bliss and connection. For some inspiration for miraculous words look here.

5. Don’t stop 😊

This is a very important tip. Don’t stop. Just don’t stop. When you want to bring miracles into your life, open the magical tap of healing water to the maximum. You don’t need to stop. This is the magic trick. Manifest Miracles every day: morning, day, evening and night! If your mind tells you “enough”, don’t listen to it. 😊

It is a human nature sometimes to feel shy or awkward and get off the train of Miracles because it might look strange. Well, my suggestion is… go for it! Go right for it. Go beyond it! Say it, say it, say it all the time, even if it means risking your usual image for other people. At the end of the day, you are working to change your life and helping others, so the whole world will benefit from the beauty of your soul.

So please, feel free. Feel very free. The time is now and the world has never been so ready before to manifest true miracles for themselves. Let’s help each other to soar and fly high and create our fullest potential in our life. We definitely can do it. 😊

And lastly, very important:


Love you,

Maria Zhuravleva


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