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QHHT session: The Story of a Young Shaman

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Sometimes during QHHT sessions people go back to lifetimes of shamans or those living closely with nature in secluded places like forests or mountains. In these sessions they would typically describe being in tune with nature and communicating with the animal and plant kingdom, being aware of the power and healing properties of nature and showing respect to its harmonic forms.

In one such session a woman went back to a life of a young female shaman who was taught by her aunt how to use herbs and plants to heal people. She saw herself wearing a tunic and leather sandal-type shoes and a beautiful turqoiuse white stone necklace. There was a fabric bag on her shoulder where she was carrying herbs. Suddenly she became very emotional and said that those herbs were for a little boy who needed healing. “I went up for a long walk up in the mountains to pick up those herbs. I am going to go and prepare the herbs now and give it to the boy.”

It turned out that the young shaman was aware of the powerful healing qualities of herbs and that memory coming back was very important for her lifetime now. This is how the shaman described the use of herbs: “The emotions of a person become fluid in the blood of the human being. With the herbs together they become one (whispering very emotionally). They expel what is not needed any longer. It’s like the emotions, they become fluid and poison so in order to take that out you find a herb that combines with it and it’s like … It’s alchemic and it goes out.She said that the mixtures would come as a powder, a liquid to drink or a cream sometimes to be put on the body.

The shaman said that sometimes they would use the blood of the animals to make the mixture however it was not the intention to kill. They would pray to the animal before that and ask for forgiveness and say that that is needed for nature’s purpose for the cycles of life.

When we I asked her about her day, she said she would wake up early in the morning and go up to the mountains. There she would watch the eagles flying and listen to the nature’s breath. “I like how everything is connected. How we respond to the nature’s sound, how animals’ sounds respond to the trees. Everything is interconnected.” I asked the shaman about the birds wondering if she knew what they were singing about and this is what she said beautifully: “It is all about the cycle of life really. How one thing goes into another. Sometimes the birds just sing about the Sun, about how the clouds arrive, how they have to move from one place to another. How they sing about love when it’s time. And how one thing happens after another without problems, just naturally.”

The session and the information coming through was very profound and powerful. The Subconscious said that the reason this life was shown to her was to remind the woman of her powers to heal and to show a life where she felt confident about herself and her abilities.

I believe this session carries a message for all of us. The wisdom of nature is just at the doorstep, what we need to do is to look around and listen and connect. As we are all part of the One. We are helping each other harmonically on our journey. And it is the simplicity of life, being, cycles.

Just taking a moment to look at the clouds and hear the message.

Maria Zhuravleva


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